Italian Leather Jackets

Fashion trends this season; what type of leather jackets to choose from this winter: the top 5 styles

There are five leather jackets that everybody wanted to have this season. These leather jackets are the top leather jackets becausethey look good, feel good, and have been dubbed by those of the higher up fashions to be the best styles of all this season. Of these leather jackets you;’ll only find the highest of the highest quality of jackets this season.

The leather bomber. This jacket was in season this winter for its evergreen conservative look. People of all ages love leather bombers precisely foe the feelings they represent. That original aviator spirit of freedom is still alive and well within the classic bomber jacket and will be for years to come. Out of all the styles of leather jackets out there, this one is by far the most iconic and well known worldwide.

The American biker jacket. This jacket is in style this season for the simple fact of how iconic and well know the biker jacket is. in top of that, with all the biker stuff going on in the media lately, particularly the fact that Sons of Anarchy is ending this season, people are grabbing these jackets off the shelves as fast as they can stock them just to get a piece of this badass American tradition. These jackets are the most iconic as far as America concern. Americans everywhere can appreciate themselves a classic American biker jacket

The shearling jacket. if you’re looking for a jacket that screams affluence and gives a fresh new look to leather jackets everywhere, then a shearling jacket might just be right for you. Shearling jackets are made out of only the finest of the fine lambskin leather and only the best of the best furs trimmed neatly to give the appearance of a sheared sheep. These jackets are expensive but worth it. In terms of quality lambskin leather jackets, this jacket is by far the best of the season. If that’s the kind of jacket you’re looking for, then don’t settle for anything less than shearling.

The hooded leather jacket. Hooded leather jackets took the scene this year as the urban craze exploded with new styles and creative ways to remake traditional conservative clothing. The trick to the urban craze is that its designed to specifically get a new younger generation into fashion by asking the popular street clothing of the era into the next hot ticket item. These leather jackets aren’t just stylish but functional well. It’s a proven fact that in the winter time, we lose the ost amount of heat from our heads simply because we fail to keep it as well garbed as the rest of our body. With a hooded leather jacket, cold piercing winds won’t be nearly as bad on cold winter days.

Italian leather jackets. Italian leather jackets, plain and simple, are the highest of the high quality standard cowhide leather jackets you can buy. The leather is soft durable, and overall better looking than all other types of leather. Italian leather jackets are the leather jackets you buy when you want to add that extra bit of flair to you4 next leather jacket. The best part of this style of jacket though is now soft the leather is to the touch. Its smother then velvet and just about as pleasing.