Hooded Leather Jacket

The most popular of leather jackets this winter: the top 3 and why

This season there are three leather jackets that are turning heads. The first of these jackets is the classic American biker jackets. American biker jackets are away in season and this year is no exception. With the leather trend back in style, you know that most people are busting out their classic leather biker jackets for those cold winter days. The second jacket is the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets, particularly suede jackets, are really the “it” jacket of the season. They are the one jacket that stands out amongst the sea of dark leather. The third is he hooded leather jacket. These jackets are in season because of the popular urban trend that’s been going around recently. Fashion designers everywhere have made it their mission to make the ordinary extraordinary this season, meaning that most things that designers are working on this year are classic designs that everybody knows taken given a Hugh quality fashion twist to them.

The first jacket were looking at is the American biker jacket. This jacket, plain and simple, is iconic and evergreen. Biker jackets will always be in season because people ace them in season. People love themselves a good quality biker jackets for a number of reasons. One is patriotism. True blue blooded Americans love the look simply for how at home it makes them feel. Another reason is that your actually a biker and wear the jacket as a symbol of your lifestyle. The third reason would probably just to look badass, as this jacket is one that men and women have turned to for generations whenever they need a look that really stands out to people the bottom line is that this jacket is one of the top three jackets of the season for a reason. The look is timeless, anyone can wear it and it looks damn good. What more do you need from a jacket?

. The second jacket of the season is the bomber jacket. This jackets roots go so far back in world history that many of today’s leather jackets are based solely off of this jacket and this jacket alone. Bombers are great for any activity, from biking to camping to flying an air plane. Bombers are the leather jackets that started it all, and this season with the vintage and conservative trend going around, people are being smart and getting back to basics with a classic bomber jacket. This jacket is warm, good looking, and comes in a variety of differing styles. Depending on color and type of leather, a bomber can have a lot of different looks. A black leather bomber and a suede brown bomber for example, send completely different vibes.

The third jacket of the season happens to be the hooded leather jacket. Hooded leather jackets are extremely popular for two reasons. One is the urban trend that’s been going on in the fashion world as of late in an attempt to connect with the youths of today. The next is assassin’s creed. After that game came out, suddenly all jackets had to have a hood on them, and leather jackets are no exception. So if you’re looking for the trend of the season that caters to a new generation of rebels, go for the hooded leather jacket and you won’t be disappointed.