Cropped Leather Jacket

Cropped biker jackets - why a favorite of fashion conscious bikers

There’s more than one thing that sets the cropped leather motorcycle jacket apart from other styles of motorcycle jacket. The first is that on women, the look is overall more feminine then other styles of biker jacket. For a man the best thing about them is how sporty they are. Out of any other style of biker jacket this is the one that is more so designed for fashion then it is for the average consumer. Over all this is a style of biker jacket that was designed for a completely different biker then normal biker jackets. People who wear this cropped leather jacket have a touch of class elegance and trendiness that is otherwise lost on the average everyday consumer. If you’re looking for a biker jacket that makes a statement about who you are and how you chose to look then this is the biker jacket of choice for you this season.

As far as women go for years there was a problem with women and motorcycle jackets. No motorcycle jacket was designed to accentuate the body shape of a woman, for years the typical biker jacket was always one that was designed for a much bigger and broader male body. This is because of the simple fact that biker jackets were designed to be worn by men. All of that changed with this style of cropped leather jacket. This was a jacket that could look just as good on a man as it could a woman. In a man this style of leather biker jacket gives off a much more sporting look. For women however for the first time ever they has d a style of biker jacket that they could wear but still looked good and accentuated their body shape. Suddenly it was possible to be a woman biker and a sexy temptress all at the same time. Before you basically had to choose whether you wanted to look tough with a biker jacket on or look feminine but at the expense of taking the jacket off. After this style was implemented women could wear their leather jackets in pride and still look damn sexy while doing it.

As far as men go this was a great style for the fashion savvy at the time of implementation. Before there were only so many choices of biker jacket to go for and all of them tended to give off a much more basic feel to them then this style. After the cropped biker jacket was conceived however it gave sportier and more fashion savvy men the chance to get in on the biker craze with a jacket and look that could be classified as sporty and therefor popular. Now biking could also be for the more upper class and wealthy as opposed to simply those of middle and lower class. Now the biker trend was truly open to anyone and anyone who tried it. This is a jacket that’s designed to accentuate the human body and thus is much more dynamic then other styles of biker jacket. While it’s not as special now that there’s basically an endless variety of new styles and shapes of leather jacket, this cropped leather jacket is still a great choice for anyone who’s looking to get on the open road but wants to do it with style and fashion flair.