Blue Leather Jacket

The style and practicality combine: This season's leather jackets and its new trends

Do you have a blue leather jacket? Better hold on to it as it counts among the trendiest colours this winter. Fashion is a phase where every style finds its way back into the mainstream. Soon you’ll find out your own personal taste and keep up to it for practical reasons. And since the only constant thing is change, along with the new seasons that comes yearly, we’ve come up with new trends that are stylish at the same time, practical. Let’s find out more.

The minimalist

The classic black and white leather jacket has taken a new charter on every fashionista’s wardrobe this season. These perpetually timeless pieces are a staple for anyone who pursues the indefinable elegance. What makes it a practical choice? Perhaps for obvious reasons, it matches with almost anything you wear from day till night. A black hooded jacket for instance, is very functional and stylish, likewise for a white double-breasted mid length coat.


This season, a fusion of black and white patterns dominates the runways. From diamond, pinstripes and cubes in multi dimensional forms highlight the clean cuts of today’s wardrobe collection. Overcoats in boxy silhouette make way for comfort unlike any other. If you are open for new things, perhaps get these fresh variations of black and white.

The interesting patterns on printed sport bomber jackets perfectly goes to the duotone of black and white. Whether you choose the dogtooth, mosaic, or the pinstriped designs, the classic colour combination is indeed for the long haul.


There are so many ways to look stylish in a black leather jacket. You can add texture to your wardrobe by wearing a faux fur cap, woven leather booties and a charcoal grey trouser. The pristine white goes well with a black legging underneath a trench coat for women. Meanwhile, men can go all whitewith a pair of white cotton pants, dress shirt and a four-pocket parka jacket.

The old-fashioned

Vintage pieces are one of the most practical and stylish things you can have not just for jackets. Besides, it isn’t daunting at all to look for these treasures since there are already contemporary versions of these at an affordable price. What’s more, you have little less to worry about it going out of style.


The usual shades for vintage bomber are camel, chestnut and black. This, by any means is a favourite among men to don this style, as it is both jagged and classy. Someway, it’s like a constant reminder how certain designs in fashion stood the test of time. Distressed leather adds more character to the jacket, making it more one of its kind.


Men and women adore the vintage biker style. If you want to strike a balance between looking streetwise and sophisticated, this is your best choice for a jacket.The silhouette of a motorcycle inspired jacket hugs to the curve of your body as if it’s a part of who you are. It’s modestly right to get one on your most favoured shade since you will be wearing it for many years ahead. What could be more practical than a blue leather jacket in this style don’t you think? But for the novelty of the season, did you know that aside from blue, black and white, the red is also striking a pose on the runways?