Blue Leather Jacket For Women

What’s popular in leather jackets for ladies this season: The 5 popular jacket designs

Do you love swinging back to the ’60s? Well, good news is, the mod era is back right now with a more edgy form. The high contrasting patterns of black-and-white on zip-up leather jackets bring to you one of a kind swinging energy. It comes as no surprise why navy blue leather jacket for women is also back in the fashion powerhouse. The blue-and-white pinstripe suit trend has also got the women’s distinctive flair for dressing. So for that, we’d like to call all the ladies who like to relive the retro moments as we bring you the 5 popular jacket designs this season.


Black is black but it’s far better when textured with sequins for that energetic vibe. Pair it with chained cowhide leather bootie, a box shaped handbag in patent leather and feel the moment of bliss of the ‘60s. It was also at that time when Givenchy designed what we now call as ‘LBD’ or the little black dress. You can wear it with colourful tight leggings like vivid pink and emerald green under your miniskirt. Emilio Pucci meanwhile set the trend for psychedelic scarves and dresses.


Tropical printed trench coats in mixture of upbeatcolour palette takes you back to the flower power revolution. Neoprene fabrics on brightly printed bomber jackets give out the sporty chic look. This intoxicating fusion is similar to a tie-dyed shirt that has all the rainbow colours in it. Meanwhile, bright green, sunny yellow and bursting orange leather biker jackets can take that style to you. Designer Pierre Cardin was renowned for those vibrant coloured mini dresses that time.


Coats and Jackets with black and white illusion take cue from the modish era of ‘60s retro. The graphic prints of bold stripes, harlequin, checks and houndstooth are the revived elements of high fashion. Belted pea coats that fall at least by six to seven inches above your knee bring back that ‘baby-doll’ dress effect to your outerwear. Did you know that Jacqueline Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy are the icons of style of the most notable decade in fashion history?

Vintage 60’s pastel shades

The sweet colours of shift dresses, short boxy style coats and jackets are truly evocative of the emerging era. It goes well in balancing with the latest obsession of women on menswear. The pastel confectionery on oversized outlines will somehow bring a ladylike magnetism to an otherwise manly guise. You can wear pastel in many forms this season. Aside from leather moto jacket, it can be a body con dress, pleated skirt, pointy high heels or a clutch bag.


The fringed leather jackets in tan leather are another influence of the most fashion relevant times in history. It goes back to the hippie sub-culture group who wears fringed vests while supporting “make love, not war” slogans. Who would have thought that it would be hot to this day and age?

It doesn’t take much to own any of these as you probably had something retro already in your closet. More ladies seem to lean on the timeless designs for sensibleorigins. A blue leather jacket for women is something you should opt for if you are cynical on wearing the bright hued coats and graphic patterned sports jacket this season. So, are you up for the ‘60s?