Black Leather Jackets For Women

Importance of leather texture and linings in a leather garment

Leather being most extensively used material for designing in the modern fashion industry presents the ultimate variety whether it is the new styling methods or the classy finishing, leather has become the hot favorite of the celebrities and the common people alike. Especially the black leather jackets for women stole the hearts of many. Since the black color looks elegant even otherwise and the leather makes it look even more glamorous and chic. Besides black color, leather jackets are available in other colors like camel, brown, white and blue but black has literally no alternative.

Talking about the variety in the leather garments, you come across the astonishing textures. As leather is not just a product of any one type of animal skin, the touch and texture of each type also varies with the raw material used for the manufacture. The most commonly used is the lambskin which makes the jacket very soft to touch. The type of skin is also known as the Nappa leather as it is made from the skin of a baby lamb. The complete look of the black leather jackets for women is incomplete without the lambskin leather. It lends a buttery touch to the garment making as soft to touch as cotton. This texture of the leather is stretchable owing to the elastic skin of sheep but it does not mean that it is de-shaped easily; the leather retains its textures after being stretched.

Another type of skin used to manufacture the leather jackets is the cow hide. It depicts a whole different texture when worn in the form of leather jackets. The cowhide is basically the end product of processing and polishing. It also gives a soft texture to the jackets but it causes more sweat than other types of leather.

Grind leather is yet another type of leather which has a lot different texture than the above mentioned types. It has a porous texture; although the porous surface is finished and polished such as to reduce the roughness on the surface but it is liked by all those people who want to enjoy a rough and tough look.

As far as the linings of the leather garments are concerned, it depends on two important factors; firstly, the season for which you want to have a leather jacket and secondly, your personal choice. Well! If you want to get a leather jacket to keep yourself warm and cozy in the fall season, you may go for a polyester lining. Yes! Polyester being one of the most delicate yet warm materials tends to conserve the heat of the body and protects you from the chilling wind and cold.

Alternatively, for all those out there who do not like a polyester lining, you may opt for a leather jacket having a silk lining. It looks stylish and chic. In some designs, the lining is also visible on the outside so as to add a bit of modern look, in such cases, one should go for the jackets with silk lining as the combination of silk and leather gives a glossy outlook. Irrespective of the texture and lining used to manufacture the leather jackets, you should bear in mind that the seam and stitching is appropriate and durable, otherwise, all your time and money would go down the drain.