Leather Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats: The Evolution of New Trends this Season – What’s New?

Cowboy hats remain to be the most recognizable figure from the West. They are no longer limited to be used by the cowboys or cowgirls. Today, these leather cowboy hats are already a fashion statement created by famous designers. There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from, as well as with the materials used.

Cowboy hats are originally used by the cowboys to protect themselves from the strong heat from western parts of America. However, it was found out that there are many uses from these hats such as waving from a distance. Because of that, cowboy hats were made to have wider brims to offer more protection from the sun and the hats became an important part of the cowboy’s outfit.

Today, hats have regained their place in the fashion world. Thanks to the well-known celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton. Last year, hats trend has grown and gained impact for the spring. The hats are in pastels, which are glamorous in wide brim and fedora hats have become more popular.

For individual who loved country styles will celebrate because of the biggest trend the western inspired hats are in for this season. Cowboy hats are classic, which they are always into the trend. Leather Cowboy hat is one of the easiest styles to wear, not to mention very practical because they can be used for sun or rain protection to the eyes.

Using a leather hat has the advantage because leather can fit to the heads easily. It is capable to retain its shape and cam make your head skin breathe.

What is New with Leather Cowboy Hats and how it can benefit you?

 • Leather cowboy hats have become a huge hit especially with the celebrities. Almost all celebrities know the vitality of these hats. Fashion magazines were not tired in featuring these hats that resulted to a very promising return of the popularity of lather hats.

 • Black colored cowboy hats for men have straw rolling up to have them fit perfectly. There are male groups that wanted to cluster similar designs, while there are others that still prefer to have retail chains to create more character.

 • White and black cowboy hats make it to the top with the biggest success followed by red and pink hats as second. Colored hats are also famous especially when a group of color is required.

 • The fresh collections of cowgirl hats are decorated with rose marks in this season too. They are complementing the disco looks but not compromising the cuteness of the hats.

 • Sequin studded cowboy hats also continue to rule the trend having beaded designs complementing the wearer’s suit.

 • Faux leather hats remain to be the favorite because of the given character and affordable prices.

Learn more about your cowboy hats:

Fedora Fusion – these hats are hybrid creations seen in the fashion world. These sleek hats can be paired with sexy dress for females.

Sporty Spice –what can you do to make your cowboy hat a little spice up? For ladies, you can add a touch of feminine sportswear. You can pair your classic cowboy hat with curled brim in checkered print, leather jeans and jersey knits.

Be updated with the runway collections of leather cowboy hats. You can search the internet for the trending styles before picking up your own.