Womens Leather Trench Coat

Ladies favorite this season- Leather coat and the new trends

Every woman looks charming and elegant in a coat. This universal garment matches to every person, the most important is to choose right coat between all proposed variants. This year designers created a lot of models that will give new look to every woman. There are coats from different materials, but leather is still one of the most popular variants that look self-sufficient even without special decorations.

One of the latest trends of this season is womens leather trench coat of bright color. Designers propose to forget about darkness and sadness this winter and in their models we see reminders of bright summer and warmth. Every woman will look charming in light blue trench coat with contrast large black buttons and a belt that shows thin waist. If you want to hide disadvantages of your body, don’t worry, leather is soft material that shows only good points and hides everything that you want to. You can choose orange, yellow, emerald, lilac or coral womens leather trench coat and look bright and elegant, bighting the street like small sun. If you prefer original models, you can choose metallic printed womens leather trench coat, it looks very unusual.

One of the most popular silhouettes of this winter is A-silhouette, but if you prefer to follow fashion recommendations, pay attention to one of the biggest surprises of this season: large oversize coat. It’s warm and comfortable and with bigger size, you will add femininity and fragility to your image, especially tall women will look charming in it.

There is one more surprise of this season, it’s truncated coat. It can be even confused with long leather jacket, but designers insist on length till knee. It’s not maxi variant that will warm you up perfectly, but it’s very popular model for women who want to show their beauty and of course, if you have beautiful legs, you don’t need to hide them. It’s also good proposition for women who need to move a lot outside, it won’t limit your movements.

A coat with short sleeves can be also called between news of this fashion season. If you worry that it won’t warm you up, you don’t need even to think about it. Such coat must be worn with long knitted or leather gloves decorated with fur that will warm you up perfectly. Such coats looks very original and designers recommend to wear light variants of such coats, beige, lilac, pale rose, sand variant will look very tender and luxury.

But it doesn’t matter what style coat you will choose, there are tendencies that are presented in all models. The latest trend is asymmetric print. You will look great in any coat made from pieces of different types of leather, even model of black color made from mat and glance leather will look bright. If you want to choose something unconventional, you can stop on a leather coat made from piece of leather and even piece must be of different color. Don’t worry, it won’t look too bright, thanks to combination only one warm or cold colors and their contrast with black parts. You can easily combine such coat with any shoes or garment. Prints are also presented on many models. One of the most popular is animal, geometric and abstract print, but if you want to create tender and romantic image, there are also light models with flower black print. It will make feminine every woman, especially if you will wear t with high heels shoes and skirts or dresses.