Mens Long Leather Coats

Choices you have in leather garments this season- Top ones for men

All men prefer comfort, but of course, even in cold tie of year it’s necessary to look stylish and choose a model of garment that will perfectly match you and that will be easily combined with other cloths from your wardrobe. You can find models from different materials, but this season leather is still the most popular one and choosing leather garment, you can be sure that it will look stylish and will serve you for many seasons.

Leather jacket is one of the most popular decisions between winter garments, it’s comfortable, warm and it looks very good on every man. This season you can see a lot of short models or long leather jackets that will hide you better. Of course, if you prefer active life, sport style and you don’t need to spend too much time outside, you can easily take short jacket and you will look cool in it. If you need warm model, one of the best decisions is combination of leather with fur. Usually designers use fur for decoration of collar and they made lining from wool that makes your jacket extremely warm. If before designers decorated with fur only collar, this season we see that they decorate sleeves with fur even on mens models. Mostly this season we see models made in dark color gamma and black is still one of the most popular variants. But we see new tendency of coming back of brown. This winter you can stop on brown color and be sure that next year it will be also very popular. You can choose dark variant with contrast fur, it will look great. You can also stop on light variant, it will look very elegant. Red is also very fashionable and it’s even called “must have” for original and creative people. If you prefer something more conservative, you can stop on brown variant with red notes or on cherry model. But even in dark color gamma you will have big choice, you can stop on dark-green, grey, dark-blue, violet models and look original in it.

Men’s jackets have a lot of decorations, designers use fur, figure buttons, zippers, pockets of different sizes, asymmetry and application. It’s very popular to use combination of different materials, leather with suede looks especially luxury. Of course, designers didn’t forget about comfort ad in this season you will see many models with knitted cuffs and elastic for better protection from wind. Of course, mostly they are hided. Jackets in biker style are very popular this season, so, if you want to add wild and aggressive notes to your image, you can choose leather jacket decorated with oblique zipper, metal buttons, chains, spikes and fringe.

If you need more protection this winter, think about lather coat. There are short, middle and long variants. Short coat reminds leather jacket, but it has some important difference in design and style. Mens long leather coats will protect you better, of course, plus, they make another impression. If you prefer classic style and you want to choose something that will look harmonious with your business suit, mens long leather coats will give you such possibility. There we see the same tendencies in color like in leather jackets, but there is big difference in design. This season one of the most surprising trends is oversize long coat that will look especially good on tall men. If you are not high, you can stop on A-form coat. This season mens long leather coats have richer decorations and we see fur on many models. Now it’s your turn to make choice!