Mens Leather Blazer

The top blazer trends Whats hot and trendy this season

Leather blazer is comfortable and stylish garment that will help you to look stylish and plus, feel warm and comfortable. It’s so easy to combine it with other garments and it looks great with any office or daily cloth. This season we see a lo of classic and bright models, designers proposed variants for all the people and you can easily find a model just for you. But what to wear it with?

Black and grey colors are the most popular in mens leather blazer models. People prefer this color because it’s so easy to combine it with any other one, it doesn’t look dark, it isn’t too bright, so, you can wear any T-shirt, shirt, pullover or jumper. One of trends of this season is multilayer cloth and designers recommend to wear knitted sweater, pull or shirt of contrast colors under mens leather blazer. This season proposes many variants of wearing blazer and even classic office model will have another look if you will wear it with jeans or leather pants. For office designers propose calm color gamma and elegant colors, like grey, brown, beige, black. If you wear shirt with tie, it’s better to take a shirt of the same color as blazer, but one shadow lighter and tie must be of the same color as blazer, it will make really elegant view. If you can let yourself less formality in image, you can choose red, coral, cherry variant and wear them with contrast black or dark-grey shirts. Of course, the most popular variant of wearing leather blazer with is pants and you don’t need to be in leather pants, you can easily combine it with other material cloth. As one of the most popular prints s cage, you will look bright and stylish in leather blazer and pants in cage, size and color of cage is not too important.

Women have much more freedom in choice of combinations, because they can wear blazer not only with pants, but with different skirts. Under blazer you can wear light blouse with flower print if you want to underline your femininity and create less formal look. If you need to make straight effect, it’s better to choose a blouse with man’s cut. Especially popular are blouses with contrast buttons and high collar. There are models of blazers that you don’t need to combine with anything, they are self-sufficient and you just need to wear beautiful underwear with it. Of course, for winter time it’s necessary to think about comfort and warmth, you have big choice of pulls, turtlenecks, shirts of any colors. If you want to look elegant, choose garment of the same color, but a little bit darker or lighter and you will have impressive office look. If you are not afraid to play with contrasts, the best variant that will look goo is to combine dark blazer with bright sweater, like black with orange or violet with light-blue one. Designers also propose very interesting trends, for example it’s very popular to wear long blazer with short skirt of the same material. Imagine yourself in long leather blazer combined with leather mini-skirt of A-form that is shorter that blazer. It will look very stylish if combine it with light blouse or shirt with tie. You will look very feminine and desired woman. Also it’s good variant to wear straight blazer with asymmetric skirt. Of course, leather blazer will look good with any straight skirt till knee from another material. In wearing pants, we see the same tendencies as men fashion, but women can choose much brighter variants and braver contrasts.