Leather Trench Coat

What’s new in leather coat trends: the top 5 Most popular trends

A coat is a coat. However, not all of the coats are the same. There are a wide variety of colors and styles and every season brings new trends and some of them become popular among different customers everywhere. From length to shape and size, the factors that determine the style of a leather coat are endless. This season is not exempt from the influence of fashion trends. Here are the five most popular leather coat trends of the season.

Biker Coats

The famous biker jackets have been out for a while. But have you heard of biker coats? Well, they are trending this season. These fashionable leather coats have all the features you need to keep your bike rides smooth and wild at the same time. Their length is medium long, keeping your knees and legs free to move. The feminine version of these coats sometimes come with fur around the neck area to keep your body warm and comfortable, while enhancing your overall look at the same time. If you want to go for something casual and radical, a biker coat is a must.

Denim with leather sleeves

Perhaps leather sounds too boring all alone, so maybe you want to mix it with something else. Good news is this season is bringing us a denim coat with leather sleeves. Its front is button-fly and it has a stand collar. This definitely fits the outfit of any guy out there who wants a relaxed look, like the one of a high school bad boy. The denim and the leather can be the same color, but that does not mean the hybridism of this style is not evident.

Trench Coat

If you have never laid your hands on a leather trench coat, perhaps now it is the time to do so.The leather trench coat is back this season, with its well-known long length that reaches right under the knee and carries all the features to keep you fashionable while walking down the street. With a leather trench coat, you do not have to worry about messing up your favorite outfit due to rough weather conditions. The coat will make sure your outfit stays neat and clean. Moreover, this kind of coat carries a very elegant look with it, so once you wear it, you are basically putting on an attractive outfit.

Topper Coat

Again, another popular style that is hitting leather stores this season: the leather topper coat. As opposed to the trench coat, the topper coat carries a more serious look with it. This is the kind of coat you would see a detective wear in those old movies. However, by no means this kind of coat is obsolete or outdated, not at all. This coat is perfect for individuals who need to keep their style as formal as possible. It covers all of your upper part body, so it will certainly benefit you when the coldest days arrive.

Leather Coats with Fur Lined Hoods

Last but not least, we have the hooded leather coats. Although you have probably seen hooded coats in previous seasons, this year the hooded coats come with a fur lining that matches the overall color of the jacket. Some of them are brown while the fur is black, and others have fur of the same color of the leather coat. This coat is perfect for people looking for a fun look.