Leather Coats

The most Popular Leather coat designs- trendsetters of this Winter

Leather coats are one of the most popular types of clothing for men and women worldwide. Leather is very bright and bold material itself. Leather coat allows a person to feel herself or himself elegant and fashionable. The leather not only always look wonderful, but also has a protective function. It does not let rain, snow, cold, wind, dust and dirt seep to the body. Leather is long-lasting in operation. After all, leather coats are always stylish, fashionable and actual. Designers have created many interesting models of leather coats in the new 2014-2015 season.

Such trend streams as classic, retro, minimalism, combination of materials, cover, grunge, are actual in the fashion season. Designers create different models of different colors of leather coats for every taste. Bold and provocative coats are made of black leather. It may have different lengths - to the knee, below the knee or very long. These coats can be as cape, may have buttons or loops. Also leather coats can have triangular collar or stand-collar, belt, shoulder pads. Cuts of coats are different - straight, fitted, advanced. Coat can be sewn with matte or glossy skin. Some models of leather coats are decorated with gold or silver buttons. These coats are perfect to shoes with high heels and elegant accessories.

Classic leather coat usually has a belt, zipper-lock at the side, stand-collar, shoulder straps, two pockets. Coat is made of matte leather in different colors. Also this coat could have shorter or long sleeves. The inner side of the front of the garment, which deploys, may have different color, such as black and white plaid. Coat ideally suits to classic skirts, blouses, shoes.

Also designers offer convenient and interesting options of leather coats for busy daily life. This coat has two rows of buttons, belt, stand-collar or triangular collar, long sleeves, two pockets. The length of the mantle is short. This leather coat is usually brown. It well suits to the tight pants and jeans, boots.

Leather hooded coat is another fashion trend. This coat is sewn from soft leather. The collar robe smoothly into the comfortable hood. This leather coat may have sometimes leather belt. Also coat has cut that closely resembles the silhouette of the dress. These models look especially stylish and elegant. Also leather hooded coat may have lower part, which is sewn asymmetrically. These coats of blue leather look particularly interesting. The hood always provide warm and protect from the wind and moisture, keep hairstyle.

Also coats that combine elements of skin and tissue are very popular and stylish. Usually collar, sleeves, belt is sewn of leather, the bulk of the coat is sewn from fabric. However, leather and fabric have different colors. The most popular combination is black and beige. White leather coat with knitted inserts is very stylish. It is worth mentioning about combination of leather and suede in coats what looks very impressive. These coats are often sewn with wide horizontal stripes of leather and suede. Also very stylish and trendy leather coats are quilted. Sometimes leather coat may resemble elongated leather jacket. But winter leather coat has always fur insulation. Fur can be placed not only on the inside of the coat, but also on the sleeves, collar or elsewhere.

In general, the most popular colors of leather coats this season are beige, mint, gray and black. Different models of leather coats can create different stylish looks. That is why these coats are so popular, versatile, stylish and practical. Buying of leather coat is very successful investment for many years. You should analyse actual models of leather coats and choose an option that will be successful and profitable purchase!