Leather Coats For Men

What to choose in leather coats this season;The top trends

For every successful person it’s very important to look stylish. Leather coat will help you to create unforgettable style and image. Now it’s very easy, it’s just necessary to choose right leather coat that will perfectly match your daily look and that will bright it up. Of course, it’s necessary do not forget about comfort, warmth and quality of material.

This season we see a lot of classic models with new treats and also original decisions in leather coats for men and women. Speaking about men models, it’s necessary to say that the most popular are rectangular silhouette and oval one. Oval silhouette looks rather large and it looks better on tall men. Designers propose wonderful variants in classic dark color gamma: black, grey, dark-green, dark-blue and violet. Brown also came into collections of this year and it’s presented on many models. So, you can choose any shadow of chocolate and be sure that you will look great. Light coat of beige, sand, milk, light-grey are not very practice, but they look especially luxury. Length of leather coats for men can be different, from short variants that remind leather jackets, middle variants till knee and maxi coats. You will see a lot of models decorated with fur and with wool lining, it makes your coat very warm. Combination of fur and leather is the most popular this season. You also must pay attention to prints, crocodile and piton prints are in trend. This season you will see a lot of models made from different types of leather, you can stop on mat or glance coat, but combination of these materials is the most popular trend. Pay attention to oversize coats, they look large, but they give owner manful look. By the way, such coat is also presented in women collections and they are also one of the most popular trends, they make women look tender and graceful. If women worry that it will look better for men, they can choose a coat with flower print and be sure that they look romantic and tender. Between leather coats for men we also see a lot of variants of duffle coat, you can see many models made from different materials and performed in different colors, but leather model is one of the most popular.

In women models there are also much news. One of the most popular model of this season is short coat that shows legs. It’s the best variant if you prefer active life and you want to show advantages of your body. A-form of coat is one of the most popular this winter. This winter the most important s femininity and trench coats, double-breasted, coats with smell help women to create such image. Bright ladies can choose a coat in bright color gamma that reminds about hot summer. One of the most surprising booms of this season and real sensation in fashion world is called a coat without sleeves or with short sleeves, for winter it’s very unusual variant. A lot of women will doubt how such coat can be warm. But thanks to lining from wool it’s very warm, as for hands, designers propose to wear such coat with long luxury gloves from leather, decorated with rhinestones and fur. You can take gloves of different colors and change them, it will give you new look every day. In decoration of coats designers pay attention to belt. This season choose large belt with many decorations, bright buckle. It will underline your waist and will make accents on soft lines of your figure. The most important is to be yourself and feel good in your skin.