Leather Blazer For Women

Leather Blazer trends whats hot this season- The expert's choice

Leather proved that it’s not just material for bikers and rockers, it entered into fashion with sureness that it’s possible to suit everything from this material. This is the reason why leather is called the most popular material of this season and why we see so many models of garments in collections of this year. You can choose leather blazer, jacket, coat or pants and you can be sure that it will look actual and stylish in next year too. But to choose a good blazer, you must know the most important tendencies of this year.

Men blazers are mostly made in calm color gamma and he most popular is classic model of one color. If you need a blazer for office, it’s better to stop on dark or pale color gamma, like grey, light-blue, black, light-brown, beige, dark-green, dark-blue. They will look very elegant and leather will make your blazer look bright. This year we see both glance and mat variants. But if you have creative work and your style is a way to express yourself in this season you have much more freedom! Contrast colors, bright details, bright colors, everything serves you to create unforgettable image. One of the most popular trends of this season if double-breasted blazer and if you have choice between smooth and textured leather, it’s better to choose textured one. Leather blazer always looks elegant and bright, it creates special image and vision of successfulness. As for length of blazer, short models are the most popular, but we can also see rather long models on podiums. This year we see retro blazers and they remind very much style of 80-s. If you like to be in the center of attention, you can choose bright blazer with contrast color and cuffs, this trend of this season looks especially original. Such blazers are very self-sufficient and they even don’t need special decorations. His year it’s popular to wear blazers with two-four buttons and their color depend on style that you need. If you want to buy official garment, it’s better to choose blazer with buttons of the same color if you will wear it on friendly meetings, you can attract sights with blazer with contrast buttons, they will make accent on your cloth. Designers also propose two color blazers in vintage style, if you want to be in the center of attention on the party, you can stop on original blazer with geometric or abstract print and be in center of attention.

Women leather blazer presents also classic and very original and bright models. The brightest trend of this season is white blazer with high collar and combination of leather and silk. It’s unusual decision, especially if you are original model with asymmetry. We see asymmetry motives everywhere, in prints, decorations and even there is tendency of making one side bigger than another one! Also designers thought about comfort and warmth, that’s why, this season you will see a lot of models of blazers-jackets. In cols time of year such variant is the best. As for colors, women must open all borders and forget about formality. This season you will see models of all color, cold colors are in favor, but designers didn’t’ forget about bright red, sunny yellow and hot orange, especially trendy is combination of unusual colors, like orange with ultramarine. Of course, white and black variants will be always in trend, but this season designers propose to look brighter and choose combination of colors, especially asymmetric geometric print will look the best. As for length, there are all models on podiums, but short blazer looks especially feminine and bright.