Western Chaps

Personalized western chaps: The trend of customized cowboy chaps-whats new

The customized cowboys chaps comes in two styles: Chinks and Shotgun Chaps. Each style has unique characteristics which makes it suit different people with different needs. This chap is made from supple leathered material which can last for a lifetime if given proper care. The short gun are characterized with full length which completely covers the legs, this chaps protects the wearer from iclement brush, trees and weather. These are proffered by the Cowboys; it can be worn in thickets and bushes and can protect you from snakes bikes. The Chink Styled Leathered chaps are worn in very hot and warm climates this chinks chaps covers down to the knee length and secured by straps and buckles. Here are some of the best custom made cowboy chaps.

Tumbleweed Leather Full Chaps

This western chap is not only made from finest leather but also tough leather which makes it strong and durable. This chap is of the ideal wear for riding horses in ranches. The chaps are intelligent and brilliantly tailored to make the wearers look absolutely fabulous and also enable the wearer to protect his trousers from mud, dust and weeds. This chap comes with studs and a back buckle for closure. This chap will ensure that it doesn’t hamper men who work for long time in ranches because it is comfortable.

Paladin Fringed Leather Chaps

The paladin leather chap will give you that cowboy look effortless. These western chaps are finely designed with fringes at the sides which gives you that stylish look. The tie ups and the buckles hold this chap at the waist firmly. The eyelet fitted at the chap brings that classic western style. This one of the ideal chap for not only ridding a horse but also working at the ranch and will ensure that it gives you al the comfort you need.

Ryder Leather Chaps

This red western chaps which was ingeniously and cleverlydesigned for very hardworking cowboys. It is fitted with zip closure at the sides which makes it very easy to remove and wear the chaps.It comes with a buckle positioned at the sides to ensure that the chaps stay in position. The leather material has a rich red color and also the material is tough which makes it last for a very long time. It is one of the best and ideal chaps for ranching activities.

Broncho leather Chaps

This is one of the most outstanding western chaps for cowboys. This magnificent piece of chaps is tough and designed with studded leather which ensures that you are protected from mud, dust and hairy hay. The straps makes the chaps stay in place at the waist and also makes it look elegant and stylish. Broncho chaps for cowboy adds that cool and bold look to the wearer and also will make you comfortable all day long. You can bring that bold look in this fabulous chaps.

Unicorn Custom Chaps

This customized cowboy chaps is designed from toughest and finest grained cowhide. The panel at the back is stretchy and the leather material is soft which makes the wearer feel comfortable. The brown color makes it look unique and elegant. The shut stiches and the excellent designed makes it outstanding chaps. This chap is customized to make it look good on cowboys on ranches and horses.