Wide Leather Belt

The return of the classic style: The leather belts patterns this season

At this time of the year when it’s a few days past Thanksgiving, we don’t just look forward to the holidays and New Year ahead. We also get giddy on what’s coming next and the current classic styles in fashion that perpetually keep returning. And for that, we bring you this season’s leather belts patterns that are rooted from what we call ‘the classics’.


The reemergence of wide leather belts have a long-standing history either inspired by the outfits of the emperors from past centuriesor to the hippie ‘70s lifestyle. Since we’d tackle all about leathers, let’s take some cues from the popular TV series ‘That ‘70s Show’ that kicked off the career of now famous Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Their usual get-up shows the classic flowy chiffon dresses with black riveted wide leather belt, floral printed pant dress with wide metallic golden leather adorning the waist and bell bottom jeans with brown embossed leather belt in eclectic variety.


Did you know that gold is the ultimate glamour this season? That means, your silver adorned leather belts and jackets will have to take a back seat for now. This holiday’s collection is seasoned with golden dust whether for belts, gems or metallic studs. The classic black belt in any shape and width is a suiting complement for a gold buckle. Studded leather jackets and belts in gold metal geometric shape pattern are adorable in deep shades of oranges and reds.


The resurrection of the prominent decade of the swinging ‘60s is a spectacle of psychedelic patterns for dresses, scarves and belts. Today, these classic black and white ensembles are rendered in refreshingly new cuts, silhouettes and textures in leathers. Mod is a ‘60s subculture that is very British. Popular wears consist of black-and-white patterns of checkers, polka dots, harlequin, and dices. Currently trending this season are belts with these groovy designs.


For the love of country style, the western inspired braided leathers with fringe details shows a rare point of connection with heritage dressing. The rugged cowboy and cowgirl outfit are actually of diverse origins. It can be derived from the Mexican’s inclination to rodeo shows to the Texan’s cattle ranching. The runways have displayed a vast selection of plaid buttoned shirts; blanket wraps and dress coats that are uniquely from the West. The latest leather belts, vests and jackets in suede and camel colour are a reflection of the rekindled romance with the cowboy attire.


The patterns on the new styles of leather belts can range from different varieties. With the increasing popularity of corset leather belts, the width is indeed a step higher than the usual wide leather belt we know of. Famous designer houses made these cinch famous to further accentuate curvaceous figures. It works double time as it conceals the bulges if there’s anything at all.

Distinctive individuals who not only possess the flair for style but also for those who strive for individuality once again favour handcrafted leather belts. These are elaborately patterned with unique details using the finest leather crafting tools to meet your demands. With these, you can be sure you have the right amount of details at the right proportions that are within your budget range. You can either go over to the extremes or keep it simple with the classic.