Red Leather Belt

Unconventional leather belts: outright trendy designs of this season

If you’re looking for a more unconventional belt this season then the first thing to keep in mind is color. Color can really make your leather belt stand out among the crowd if you go for something ore striking and less conservative. For example, if you tend to dress in colder colors such as blue or grey and white and black, then a blue leather belt could make all the difference in the way your outfit presents itself to the world. If you tend to dress in warmer colors such as yellow orange and brown, then a red leather belt might be the way you chose to go in terms of color. As far as design, goes, go bold and go for a style that truly makes you who you are. Perhaps you want to go with a darker style of belt and chose to go black leather studded with chrome for a glimmering effect. Perhaps you want to go more lighthearted and go for all gold chrome studded instead. The point is, design and color can mean a lot in terms of style, especially when going with an unconventional style of leather belt.

In terms of color, if you’re going for an unconventional style of leather belt, stay away from brown and black. This is because these colors are so conventional when it comes to leather belts that everywhere you go you see these colors and whatever variants of them are possible. Colors like red, blue, purple, yellow green, and white are excellent choices when choosing a leather belt for the simple reason that most people you see don’t have these colors. If you tend to dress in warmer colors, then maybe a red leather belt is the way for you to go. If you tend to dress in cooler colors, perhaps a blue leather belt is in order. If you feel like a king or queen then go for the royal purple leather belt. If you’re a hunter who’s truly one with nature, go for a green leather belt or even better, a camouflage leather belt. As long as your going to be unconventional, heck, go with whatever color leather belt is your favorite, be that a blue, green, yellow, purple, or red leather belt. Convention is good, buy the unconventional has far more options to it then convention could even begin to have.

That’s not to say that colors like black and brown cant also be unconventional. It’s all about the style of belt yuzu have in your mind. Maybe instead of going for simple colors, you want a belt with flair. In such case, a belt with chrome rivets is always a distinctive and unconventional choice as far as belts are concerned. If you have a black leather belt, plain silver chrome rivets are always great additions to any style of belt when it comes to adding some interest into the belts style. If you want to go with a brown or white belt, then gold rivets would probably be a better accent color to go for. Brown and white just seem to pair off better with gold then they do silver. The point of the matter is, gong for a belt with flair can do a lot for you as far as style is concerned in leather belts.