Vintage Bomber Jacket

Leather accessories which are always hot - The vintage mode

A vintage collection that isn’t just a fashion throwback but rather remains classic like the vintage bomber jacket comes as no surprise. Its origins from the fighter jets to the current high-fashion moments on the runways proved its long-standing heritage. Not only that, there’s more accessories that takes on another spin in the busy world of fashion.Did you know that leather accessories with fringe details areswinging back? The fringes that hang on the leather bags and jackets of this season are inspiredby the glittering jazz days of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, the Great Gatsby. Whether you love or hate the fictional town of West Egg, the fringe trend that filled the catwalks is a revisit to the 1920s fashionable accessory that adorned every boozing socialite’s skirts, tops and dresses.

These days, the frayed fabrics are quintessential to rodeo and Coachella events. If you are into music and arts festivals, a bit of fringe into your outfit brings back the spirit of the definitive generation from the Woodstock hippy music festival held in 1969. You can don a brown high cut leather boots with fringes and rock to the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Among the favourite accessory of women from all ages is a handbag. A sultry looking fringed handbag in suede leather is a stunning arm candy in purple colour. The designers create an elegant approach on the usual wispy frays and slouchy bags by making streamlined versions of bags without compromising the fringe details with the use of thicker leather. The vintage styles of the bags are the hobo, satchel and cross body bags or the messenger type.

Aside from these accessories, there are leather gloves, sunglass cases, wallets and belts that are always recurring in the fashion scene. You don’t have to own the exact vintage piece that you like since there are stuffs that you could buy with a vintage touch. The tanned leather belts and wallets have the same distressed finish as well as the intricate details like embroideries and psychedelic prints on the linings. If you’re a fan of the peace-loving music events, you can join the Coachella Valley crowd with a boho outfit and complete the look by wearing a leather belt with frayed layers hanging.

Leather coats like a vintage bomber jacket is another favourite of the ladies. The elegant furs make it a fashionable statement piece for several decades now. Its quilted fabric makes it a functional wardrobe ensemble for winter. Although a lot has changed with the way a bomber jacket looked from where it began, the comeback trend of vintage fashion has inspired the designers to recreate the elegant and edgy design of a bomber jacket to a whole new level. Distressedtreatment on the leathers makes it look more authentic even with the season’s vibrant colours adding a new look to the usual earth tones of the jacket.

The fringe-layered jackets in suede leather are another nostalgic approach to the heydays of the enigmatic millionaire, Jay Gatsby in the fictional novel. The added layers to the rising hemlines of the dresses of the beautiful debutante, Daisy all the more made the Great Gatsby become so obsessed about her. Indeed, Fitzgerald uttered these exact words to describe the era: "something new—something extraordinary and beautiful and simple and intricately patterned." Could it be the fringes as well?