Shearling Jacket

The hot trends in Shearling jackets: What’s the most popular

Shearling jacket is undoubtedly an essential piece of garment this winter for the fashion lovers. It is comfy, stylish and extremely trendy this season. Shearling is usually related to rugged men who wore these warm flight jackets during World War II.

Sheepskin or lambskin is used to make shearling jackets. Shearling is derived from sheep or lambs. The skin is first removed, tanned and dressed; the wool left is used for making these jackets. It is this wool that gives the fluffiness of the jackets. Shearling can also be made from synthetic material. Shearling jackets made from these materials are cheaper and can be found in high streets. Shearling is mostly used in collars and linings giving a distinctive style to the jacket.

The two major styles of jackets this season are aviator and biker jackets. These jackets are in demand due to the excellent blend of leather and shearling, making in very stylish for generations after generations. These jackets have a very manly appeal. Fashion houses like Costume National and Bottega Veneta had this style of jackets in their collection this season. Costume National displayed a white aviator styled cropped jacket with cream shearling collar. On the other hand, Bottega Veneta came up with a grey biker jacket with shearling collar of a lighter shade. Military styled jackets with shearling lining are also seen in this season’s collection. Missoni displayed shearling lined jackets in both long and cropped form. Dior presented a black jacket coat with hood, Burberry presented dark coffee colored jacket with black shearling. The most common shades used were black, brown and grey.

Shearling coats are available in all shapes for ladies this fall. Basic black car coat length, bold color-blocked, moto jackets, etc. are all included in this season’s collection. Leather shearling aviator jacket, shearling fur jacket with raw edge, shearling fur coat with decorated collar, shearling jacket with short sleeves, faux shearling coat, belted shearling coat, etc. are some of the styles presented in this season’s catwalk. This year, a different use of shearling is noticed. Instead of using shearling only on the collar and linings, some jackets or coats had shearling all over.

Shearling looks best when it is worn next to another fabric of different texture, like denim, cord or suede bomber jackets, leather biker jackets, nylon aviator jackets or wool pea coats. Shearling now comes in many shades. For a traditional look, choose the darker linings.

Use of shearling in jackets has been very popular down the years. With modern jacket cuts shearling makes you look stylish and different. Shearling coats of various styles and colors are seen in this season. A slim fit shearling jacket is the trend this season. Shearling goes well with both formal pants and jeans. But boots is common to wear. Shearling is extremely cozy and gives you a luxurious feeling. Shearling’s demand has increased in the past few years. It is not only limited to the traditional use of shearling in lining and collar. Now shearling is also used in the overall outer layer of the outfit. Designers are coming up with unique styles for collars, use of belts and embellishments to give the jacket a new look. Shearling will always remain a favorite choice for the winter season.