Shearling Jacket Women

How to Look Amazing in a Shearling Jacket: The Practical Tips for Ladies

In fashion world, leather is not just a for a trendy fashion statement, however leather is considered to be classic in the fashion history.

These days, leather can add not just for the classic touch but they can also be sported to any occasion. Obtainable in different colors and designs, classic leather jackets and the types such as shearling jackets as well as shearling coats were also becoming popular.

Shearling or sheepskin can give extra warmness with its thicker fleece lining and collar which are both available for men and shearling jacket women.

What makes shearling different from other leathers is the way they are processed. Shearling coats are the processed lambskin or sheepskin, which is made through tanning pelts but the wools are still intact. This produces a really warm but comfortable product, which is regarded as very luxurious around the fashion industry. The lighter the shearling is the higher quality it gets.

Leather and shearling jacket are both natural and biodegradable products, which is healthy to the nature. Having a pair of these shearling jacket women in your wardrobe is great, it can be for your business attire or just to keep you warm for the cold months.

Shearling coats are in trend in this season along with chic bomber jacket for a more modern and street smart looks or simply a fall jacket to keep you warm.

Shearling jackets are expensive fashion statement that can suit for every style. This timeless peace has been around for many years now. From their origin from the aviation wear of military during the World War 11, since shearling jackets are the perfect staple for warmth and comfort.

These days, shearling coats are very fashion-forward as it belongs to the classic wardrobe. Comfort, versatility and warmth are the great qualities of shearling jackets that make them a good investment for any individuals.

Practical tips in picking shearling jacket women that fit to your body type?

Picking for the right size of your shearling jacket is very important since most of these coats are tailored. You may opt to have them shorter or even add some accessories added. However, finding the jacket that is flattering can be more than just the size. Below are some of the practical tips that can help you to pick the one that fits to your figure:

 • If you want your shearling coat to make you feel taller, why don’t you try to pick women’s coat with length above an inch from your knees to make your leg line elongated.

 • If you want to create some curves, you can opt to try belted shearling coats. The belt will snap your waist in, making it look sexier.

 • When you think you look top-heavy, try to have a single-breasted coat.

 • If you think you look like bottom-heavy, you can try to pick a coat that has an A-line style.

 • When your shoulders are large or your breast looks bigger, you can choose to have coats that have V-neck style.

Shearling jacket are considered to be stronger compared to any clothes, warmer compared to goose and lighter when talking about the weight. They are perfect for women’s jackets. However, owning one can exceed to your usual budget but your purchase will not be wasted because the shearling jackets can last for many years and might be passed on to the next generation when taken cared properly.