Shearling coats for women

Ladies leather coats :with the new designs and styles this season

The best thing about leather jackets is that they can be worn throughout the year. Leather jackets are appropriate for office as well as evening engagements. It looks great over a dress, a miniskirt or even jeans. No matter how you wear it, you will always look fashionable.

Various styles of leather coats are found in this season. Leather coats add extra glamour to the women’s outfit. Motorcycle jacket is the most classic style for ladies this season. This jacket gives a rock style and is perfect for those with a bold attitude. Decorated motorcycle leather jackets like embroidered jackets or studded jackets have turned heads of many fashion lovers this season. These biker leather jackets have sleeves with contrasting colors and appealing tones. Some of these jackets have shiny appearance. Some also has a fur collar. Dark colored motorcycle jackets are the in fashion this winter. This leather jacket looks best with narrow pants, fitted or flared dresses. Quilted leather jacket is another vintage style that portrays 70s style of sportswear. The main features of these jackets are its contrasting colors and metallic hues. These jackets look very fashionable when worn with sleek leather pants mini shirts, midi skirts and boots of various sizes. Bomber jackets are a very common style of jacket that is timeless and can be worn in any season. Military look is trendy this season. So khaki colored bomber jacket or jackets with military prints are very stylish this season. Animal print mini bomber jackets are a favorite too this season. Bomber leather jackets are very comfortable to wear and give you a sporty look. Hoody bomber jackets also are fashionable. Metallic feel, bold prints, attractive embellishments, and bold colors are the highlights of this season. Bomber leather jackets look great with long pants, fitting skirts and pencil skirts.

Shearling coat is another style that is very demanding this season. Shearling coats for women are very comfortable this season because of its softness and warmth. These jackets are available either in sheep skin or lambskin. They can be of various lengths from short to long. These shearling coats for women look classical in plain fabric. But variations are created this season using silk fabric, metallic hues, contrasting colors and colorful prints. It goes best with lightweight dresses. Trench coats are always trendy and functional. This season trench coats with faux leather cuffs are in fashion. These coats are available both with belts and without belts. Black, brown or grey are the common colors for these trench coats; however, brighter shades like fuchsia or red are also available this season. They can be of mid length or go up to the ankles. They look very attractive with boots and sleek pants.

This season, leather coats are available in various shapes: from super-fitted to oversized. Over sized jackets have gained popularity recently and this can be credited to movie actress Sandra Bullock whose style was admired by many. Leather coats for ladies usually come in various colors. However, black is still the classic and is always trendy. Dark and bright colors are on demand this season. Poppy red, electric blue and other dark shades look very stylish.

It is always smart to choose a leather jacket that matches your personal style and personality. Most importantly, you should buy a jacket that fits you well. It is necessary to invest a little time in buying a quality leather jacket as a good one can be worn for years.