Leather Bomber Jacket

How leather bomber jackets have changed this season- the new jacket design trends

The new designs of bomber jackets are greatly inspired by the celebrities in the Hollywood industry. The bomber jackets are characterized by tough leather materials and coolest styles. Bomber jackets were used by pilots during the world Wars, these jackets helps them endure the extreme cold and windy conditions at the high altitudes. The style for bomber jackets have rapidly evolved over the past years, this season we have seen the emergence of new styles which are inspired from the classic bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are one of the coolest and hottest styles of leather apparel which will always make the wearer look stylish and elegant. Here is a review of how the bomber jackets styles and designs have changed this season.

Classic Leather Bomber Jacket

The classic leather bomber jacket is a cool piece of bomber jacket which will bring that unique and elegant look to the wearer. The secret to have a unique look is by purchasing this tough, elegant and classy bomber jacket which is available in many fashion stores this season. This jacket is made from tough buffalo hides. Buffalo leather is known to be tough which will ensure longevity and at the same time maintain that cool and polish look.

Quilted Leather Bomber Jacket

This is another trending leather bomber jacket in the market. This bomber jacket is ingeniously designed and most fashion houses have sold many piece of this leather jacket. The quilted bomber jacket has some well pattered studs and also the material is tough. This head turning bomber jacket will not only make the wearer feel comfortable in the cold but also guaranties a cool sparking look. This leather jacket was inspired from the classic rock stars and punks.

Top Gun Leather Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket is designed and carted from cowhide which is grained which make sit heavier and soft. This magnificent bomber jacket has eight patches stitched together with a double stitch to ensure it does not tear and wear. The collar is permanently fixed and it is also made from a tough mouton fur. This bomber jacket is suitable for men, and it can make the wearer the center of attraction.

Sheep Collar Leather Bomber Jacket

The new season has also seen the emergence of this new style of leather bomber jacket which is a unisex. This bomber jacket has a sheep shearing at the collar which makes the wearer outstanding and stylish. This bomber jacket is designed by some of the top designers and is the best jacket this season to protect you from the cold. It also gives the wearer the option of detaching the sheep shearing when you feel like it’s cumbersome or fix it on cold season like the current season.

Hooded bomber Jacket

The hooded bomber jacket which is also designed from tough leather hides which gives you that elegant and superbly classy look. During this cold season you can cover your head and shield yourself from the cold because it comes with a detachable hood which is made from leather material which is waterproof and the inside is insulated by some wool and viscous lining to make you feel comfortable and warm. This bomber jacket is among the most common styles this season which you can get in several stores.