Leather Aviator Jacket

The new trends: How the leather aviator jacket has changed this season

It is very easy to think that a style considered vintage would never go through a change and therefore, that it would remain the same through endless seasons. Nonetheless, even the most classical pieces of apparel undergo significant transformations in order to stay up to date with the latest fashion statements. Such is the case of the leather aviator jacket. Although this jacket has been popular since the 1950s, this leather garment has gone through changes at different seasons and this coming season is not an exception. Perhaps the colors and the main features that make this jacket unique remain the same, but there are some changes that have been made in order to make it appealing to the current customers who seek to bear it this windy season.

A leather aviator jacket is known for its caramel brown color, its overlapping closing front, and its straight and stylish cut along the neckline. However, this season brought some adaptations to the jacket. If you head to your preferred leather apparel store, looking for a leather aviator jacket, keep your eyes on the necklines, as they are the part where a lot of the changes come. Something that is very trendy this season is the fur lining that goes all around the jacket’s inside and covers the neckline as well. The fur is normally white, especially for women styles. However, there are also other colors of fur such as black and brown, which perfectly compliment dark leather jackets. In case you do not want fur lining, but you still want a trendy aviator jacket, you can consider getting one with a strap and a fastening button along with it. These styles are selling out really fast, which shows how interested people are in getting their hands on them.

Another aspect that has been transformed in this kind of jacket is the color of the leather. As mentioned before, aviator jackets that are made out of leather are usually brown, a caramel-like kind of brown. However, this season is making black popular as well. Black leather has been known in styles such as the bomber and the biker ones. However, this year, black leather has also taken over the aviator jackets and is making a statement out in the streets. On the other hand, red has not been left behind. This year, the aviator jackets also come in red, especially for women. They are contrasted with metallic zippers in different parts, without compromising its aviator look. As the years passed, more leather colors have become available, including white, blue, and even yellow.

One more change is in the pockets. Although jackets are well known for having many pockets in different parts, the pockets for this season are more discrete and are crafted in a way that is hard for any eye to spot them at first sight. The pockets have a zipper opening and positioned vertically along the chest line, and on the bottom part, one on each side. Since the aviator jackets trending this season usually come in a dark tone of black or brown, it is recommended that they are worn with a light pair of pants, although dark jeans would not look bad as well. If you go for a fur lined style, there is no need to wear a scarf. However, if you pick the fastening buttoned neckline, you might want to get a nice scarf to go with it as well.