G-1 Flight Jacket

G1 jackets and its new trendsetting designs this season

The G1 Jackets, or commonly known as the G-1 flight jacket” was initially used as a WW2 era flight jacket by different sects of American Military such as U.S Marine Corps, Coast Guards and the Navy. The general trademark of this jacket was its fur lined collar. These jackets, developed in 1947 were used by the American Military sects during the Korean War. Although, these jackets were used during the War, it wasn’t named as G-1 flight jackets then. These were called just ‘leather bombers’. These days G1 is a name generally used to refer such fur lined leather jackets.

G1 Jackets have seen many changes over the years. It has evolved much since these jackets started to be used commercially. Many features have been added in these jackets lately.

 • Removable fur collars:

The most striking new feature added to the good old military G1 jackets is the ability to remove fur collars. Fur collars are the trademarks of these jackets and the new trends in these jackets include a removable collar system which provides more flexibility to jacket usage. The removable fur collars has made this jacket versatile in a sense that during the warmer days one can easily get the amount of comfort they wish to get without having to take these jackets off and if the weather is cooler, then the option of adding the fur again allows the wearer too feel comfortable without exchanging jackets.

 • Patches:

Another new trend among these jackets is the in-made patches that are included in them jackets. The most common type of patches added into these jackets are the insignia patches which manages to provide this jacket a military plus movie look. There may be up to 17 patches stitched into these jackets and an USN anchor pin. Hollywood movies such as ‘Top-Gun’ managed to make these jackets even more famous and popular resulting in the movie influenced insignia to be included in almost every type of G1 flight jackets today. Jackets with various emblems in the chest are also found.

 • Color: Although the initial jackets were constructed of black leather and brown colored fur color, lately these jackets have seen a hell of a lot change in that regards too. Many colors have been experimented with. These include brown collar and brown bodies. One can also expect to find these jackets with brown collars and brown leather bodies. The other striking colors that these jackets can be found in include, dark brown, light brown, etc.

 • Goatskin was initially largely used in these jackets as leathers and moutons were used as collars. But these features too have been seeing a lot of change in these jackets. Due to the consumerism effect on these jackets, these jackets were later constructed of cowhide. Apart of the type of skin used as leather bodies, the mouton collars were soon replaced by synthetic fabric.

 • These jackets have seen a change in its size too. Different types of slim-fit G1 flight jackets can be found today to fulfill the demands of the customers who want to go for that extra tight fitted look. Apart from slim-fit ones, wider varieties of these jackets can be found lately which managed to address customer’s choice and demands.

Apart from all these specific features, these jackets today can be found consisting of hand painted appliqué and sketches of various types of U.S memorabilia.