Flight Jacket

The Colors & New Patterns of this Season for Flight Jackets: What’s Popular – the Top 5 Trends

Flight jackets also known as bomber jackets are back with various colors. These jackets are just another piece of menswear, originally created for the pilots. Just like trench coats, fighter jackets have timeless charm that surpasses years, trends and styles. These jackets have been very popular from 1070’s up to this time especially with colors black, navy and orange. The timeless quality of these bomber jackets is the reason why individuals who loves classic and enduring jackets have invested on this item.

This flight jacket is previously identified through its waist length, front zipper closure and knitted cuffs although these have been strengthened in several forms. From the basics of orange-lined MA-1 up to the tartan lined Harrington, these basics of fighter jacket outline has played a big part from a number of classic bombers that have grown in the history and still sported until these days.

Bomber jackets continued popularity is expected, having these prominent icons such as Tom Cruise from the movie “Top Gun”, James Dean and Steve McQueen that makes these jackets counted to be at the menswear royalty.

The most popular this year is the baseball-bomber style that has all the characteristics of a fighter jacket however, the collar is rounded. Round collar is not that new since classic MA-1 jackets are also having rounded collars just a little slim-down shapes.

Prints do also play a big role for these jackets update. Camouflage has been the favorite of different designers when talking about the enhancement pieces.

Top 5 Trending Fighter Jackets:

MA-1 Flight Jacket

If you are looking for a perfect original looking, an authentic leather fighter jacket is the best choice. MA-1 is made of 100% pure leather with brass zipper. These jackets are featuring comfortable knitted cuffs and polyester lining to keep you warm.

Printed Bomber Jackets

This type of bomber or flight jacket can really give you bold impact. Having print is the most noticeable menswear trend these past few years, which is determining the patter that shows familiarity to the present industry. The design of this bomber is a casual piece that can work its best when used properly.

Deflector Flight Jackets

This is a new-aged fighter jackets that need extra features to accompany the classic parka design. Deflectors are made of 100% nylon satin from the outer shell and a detachable fur hood for added protection. These six-pocket jackets are is perfect for the storage of your small things. The side-arm pocket has metal zippers to keep the deflectors in its past perspective like the ones they were produced years ago.

L-2B Flight Jackets

These light weighing jackets is the mimic of the original L-2A jackets used by the US Air Force minus the color changes. These bomber jackets are water resistant with 100 percent nylon with satin lining just like the first edition. The shoulders of these jackets are straps and snap to fasten. The jacket also features 2 front flap pockets.

Luxe Bomber Jackets

This type of flight jacket is a sophisticated piece that can be used with your casual attire from day or night. This version has leather sleeves with dark colors. You can pair his jacket to your simple attire and let this bomber do the standout point of your looks.

Getting their own spot at the ramps in different seasons, these flight or bomber jackets are truly a year-round trend.