B3 Bomber Jacket

What bomber jackets have left a mark in fashion trends?

Bomber jackets or also known as flight jackets were leather jackets designed during the 20th century after the advent of fighter planes to provide better safety and comfort to pilots who had to now fly at greater altitude at greater speeds. Bomber jackets not only became an apparel of comfort and safety, but due to its exquisite looks, managed to be a heartthrob over wear of generations to come. These sets of post-war jackets left an immediate impact on fashion trend and that trend hasn’t ended yet, as still today many a fashion fanatic still prefer these jackets. MA-1, MA-2, G1, A1, A2 and B3 bomber jackets are few bombers that have successfully managed to establish themselves into the group of immortal fashion wears. Let us now take a more specific approach towards these above mentioned few jackets and see what affect these jackets have had on fashion trends:

 • MA-1 Bomber Jackets: Developed in 1950s, MA-1 bombers a.k.a MA-1 flight jacket is probably top of the ranks among bombers which still have a wide appeal among fashion followers. Initially designed to aid fighter pilots during their long and high flights, this jacket with its design and style appeal managed to create quite a stir in the fashion world and still manages to do so. Various designs and styles have been tested and implemented on these jackets over the years. These jackets mark in fashion trend is illustrated by its wide usage during the 80s by various Rock bands/fans, hip-hop artists/fans.

 • A2 Bombers: Like MA bombers, A2 bombers were also initially used by U.S Air force marshals. The thing with A2 bombers is that these were used as stylish wear by the U.S military itself as they stitched various patches and painted artworks on them. Their appeal in the fashion world is verified by its usage in various American screens. From Frank Sinatra to Gregory Peck to Henry Winkler, all have worn A2 or some variation of it. Even Barack Obama and George Bush have been spotted with these bombers. A2 is probably the most famous son of flight jackets.

 • B3 Bomber Jackets: Although A2 bomber may have had a widest of appeal among bombers, many leather fanatics consider B3 bomber jackets as the best of bombers. These Bombers were worn by fighter pilots of B 17 and B 24 aircraft during the war. These bombers are considered ultimate military classic bombers. These are heavy bombers and are a great wear for style, comfort and safety. The ones constructed of sheepskin are considered to be the best type of B3’s.

The mark left by these B-3 bomber jackets in today’s fashion trend can be demonstrated by the fact that these bombers still get sold at a great price and new experimentations are done and new features are constantly being added into them.

 • G1 Bombers: G1 bombers have managed to set themselves apart in the fashion world. Another of them WW2 jackets, these jacket’s trademark being its fur-lined collars. Quite similar to the A2 jackets, G1 bombers probably became most famous due to its usage in the famous Hollywood flick ‘Top Guns’. Due to that movie, the appeal of G1 among fashion fanatics skyrocketed. These jackets today are found in wide varieties with a greater feature added on them. Many large fashion brands design these bombers today and are never dissatisfied with the number of sales these jacket monsters manage to earn for them.