B-15 Flight Jacket

Vintage yet always in style - The flight jackets trends

Every man in heart wants to look like hero. We don’t mean superheroes and heroes of films, we speak abut people who really save somebody’s life. Pilots always had special romantic and military pilots that save our country really deserve the best. Flight jackets were created especially for pilots in far 1926, at this time planes didn’t have heat and pilots needed something really warm and comfortable. Now every man can enjoy this garment and look stylish and manfully.

Before flight jackets were made only from leather with wool lining that gave extra warmth. Today we see changes in design and materials of these jackets. This season tendency of combination of different materials touched all types of garments and flight jackets didn’t stay away from it. We know classic A-2 jacket and G-1, they were the first jackets fro American pilots. If before they were made only in black and green color, this season we see that with enormous popularity of flight jackets color gamma became much wider. Black and green military color didn’t disappear, of course, but they are replaced with brown variants, all shadows of brown are very popular this season and if you choose such variant, you can be sure that this model will give you impressive look for years. We also don’t need to forget about one more popular model, B15 flight jacket. It’s rather short model, but it gives a lot of warmth to its owner. This season we see models made in dark color gamma, but they are completed with dark-blue, dark-green, light brown, beige and grey variants. B15 flight jacket is made from leather, but there are also variants from nylon. As classic jacket, it’s made from special valves, before they were made for application of oxygen mask, today they are just decorative element. Designers also saved pocket on the sleeve, in classic variant pilots kept there cigarettes, now you can use it for the same goal or wear money there. B15 flight jacket is often decorated with fur that warms up your neck and collar looks very stylish with it. One of popular models is MA-1 flight jacket, it can be made from leather or from nylon and they have rich color gamma, from dark models of black, grey and brown to light, stylish khaki and beige.

This season, if you want to look like real hero, but you also want to express your personality, you can choose bright models. Designers understood that bright colors also can look very manfully and gave new life to bomber jackets. You can see light variants of flight jackets with jungle print, patch details, combination of leather with suede, geometric print and contrast colors. Very often designers propose models with different colors of body and sleeves, it gives impression of layering, so popular this season. Body of jacket can be black and made from leather and sleeves are usually much brighter, there are even golden variants and they are often made from another material, like nylon. Very often designers propose extremely warm variants with hood decorated with fur or just fur collar, but there are also variants with knitted high collar that saves your neck from wind. Very often models have knitted cuffs and of before they were of the same color or they were hidden, this season designers propose contrast color of collar and cuffs. The most important is that in any flight leather jacket every man will look manfully, stylish and he will feel very comfortable even n the coldest winter.