Aviator Jacket Women

How to look feminine in leather jackets: The top aviator jacket design for this season for ladies

Most of the twentieth century was dominated by male world leaders. With that being said, it is no surprise that many of the first people who flew an airplane and wore an aviator leather jacket were men. Years have passed and now many think that the aviator jacket fashion is limited to men only. Nonetheless, such statement is not true. It is absolutely possible for women everywhere to go to their favorite leather apparel store and acquire an aviator jacket.

Today, aviator jacket women are very popular given the fact that vintage fashion has become widely acclaimed. Surely, women could look masculine if they pick a men’s style, but they can also look feminine with all the options of aviator jacket women in current existence. Aviator jackets for women can be anything, from vintage and classic, to modern and urban. There is a wide variety of jackets to choose from and all of them promise to keep the bearer warm, fashionable and feminine at all times.

Some of the most feminine aviator jackets are the shearling ones. They are known for coming in a brown like purple kind of color, with a fuax fur lining around the cuffs, the collar and the baseline. It has an asymmetrical zipper in the front, and small belts along the sleeves. This kind of jacket goes well with a casual outfit, so it looks good with skirts and jeans alike, as well as a good pair of leather boots.

Another style of aviator jacket women that is popular today is the hybrid between shearling and bomber. This style usually comes with a fur lining on the inside that goes up all the way around the collar and it is usually white. This black leather jacket can also be found in other colors such as black, yellow, or red. Perhaps even brown or white. However, the classic is black and it gives it a radical and outstanding look. It usually carries a thick belt in the bottom and comes with a pair of zip-up pockets on the sides. Also, the jacket has sleeves with leather bands on them. This kind of jacket is good for any woman going out on an adventurous weekend night. It protects from the cold and threatening weather, but it also makes women look good and makes them stand out among the rest.

There are other kinds of hybrid jackets that are more traditional. All of them are known for their sheepskin all around and the full traditional zip front. They have polyester lining and cuffs that are bound. Moreover, they have zippered pockets in the front and the fur lining inside makes it feel warm. Usually, the lining is white, which contrasts the usual brown and black colors of the leather. The combination of white and dark make it look feminine and trendy.

Overall, what makes these jackets look and feel feminine is their fur lining. Although male customers now are also looking for fur lining, the female jackets are recognizable for their color and their delicate features. From a small zipper, to the cut along the neckline, the look of these jackets brings out all of the femininity of a woman who dares to wear them. Surely, none of these aviator jackets will disappoint any women who dare to wear them on the street or a date.