Aviator Jacket Men

New leather jacket trends of this season- What's making a comeback this season

Every year there are countless designs being released for men and women in the world of fashion? Many of these designs never make it to become popular on the streets, but on the other hand, many of them become successful and popular among different groups of people all around. Moreover, there are many styles that become so popular that their legacy remains through the years. Though at times in history their popularity decays, they are likely to make a comeback if their success was legit.

Biker Jackets

Some of the first versions of leather jackets to become famous were the biker jackets. Riders from all around learned the benefits of wearing leather while driving down the road: this material would keep them warm and comfortable for countless hours until they would finally hit their destination. Today, biker jackets are no longer limited to riders. Biker jackets are now a fashion statement and anyone who wears them does not necessarily need to be driving a motorbike. The most popular color has always been black. However, this season is more welcoming to other colors, so brown and blue are also trending this year.

Aviator Jackets

Just because something is trending, it does not mean that something is brand new. Such is the case of aviator jacket men. This kind of jacket is a total comeback. The aviator jacket men dates to half of the twentieth century, but so many people still long to wear such style. Part of the reason of their comeback is because a very good amount of people are now into vintage fashion, which is fashion inspired in timeless classics of leather apparel. Just like biker jackets, the aviator jackets were originally designed for aviators. Nonetheless, the style of the jackets was so stylish, that ordinary people started adopting the jackets as part of their overall wardrobe. Many years have passed since the first aviator jacket men were designed, but today people still find them trendy and fashionable. Their most popular color is the caramel brown ones. Movies such as The Aviator have contributed to make the jackets even more famous than what they already were. Aviator jackets, like their name implies, are a perfect fit for a windy afternoon. Aviator jackets promise to protect your outfit and your style.

Bomber Jackets

Once again, bomber jackets are trending in the winter season. What makes bomber jackets so special is their bulky, yet stylish structure that is inviting to the cold bodies of costumers all around the globe who are struggling with rough weather conditions. The details of these jackets have generally been limited to a metallic zipper in front, and the seldom presence of some other side zippers. However, this season brings bomber jackets with fur lining on the neckline, and other features that make the jacket feel warm and comfy during the cold. Something extraordinary about this season bomber jackets is that they carry a slim fit regardless of their known bulky structure. Many of them come with a detachable hood and elastic patches on the sleeves. A bomber jacket goes well with jeans and t-shirt, which makes it a perfect combination for a casual look. It can be found in colors such as black, blue, or brown. But sometimes it can also be red or white.